Why is real estate a promising career?

Real estate enables individuals to capitalize on their natural strengths. A career in real estate presents an unlimited opportunity for significant growth, both professionally and financially.

Female Real Estate agent offer home ownership and life insurance to young couple.

What does a real estate agent do?

Agents bring together sellers and purchasers of real estate by facilitating the transaction. They are the key coordinator between attorneys, lenders and inspectors. Agents help people achieve their dreams and while they achieve their own professional and financial goals.

When working for a seller, you control the sales process which includes: marketing, exposure, showings and contract negotiations for the property.

When working with a purchaser, you establish and assemble all the components for the purchase by arranging financing, showing the property and negotiating the transaction.

Personal marketing is also an important aspect. When someone is thinking about real estate, we want them to think about you. There are many unique ways to promote yourself as an expert in real estate. Direct mail, general advertising and web promotions are just some of the examples that top producers utilize.

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  • How do I learn the business?
    Our commitment to continuing education is based on an "earn while you learn" premise. We've designed our mentor program to help you become successful as quickly as possible. therefore we assign each new agent a manager, who will assist you in all phases of a transaction.
  • Why do public servants (firefighters, policemen, teachers) make such good real estate marketing specialists?
    The nature of a public servant is to provide a high level of professional attention to a wide variety of people in different circumstances. With superior communication skills, intuitive people skills and the genuine satisfaction from helping others...civil servants are perfect candidates for this business
  • What makes Jordan Baris, Inc different from other Realtors?
    Unlike other mid-sized agencies, Jordan Baris, inc. strives to provide an array of resources, technology and tools to its associates so they in turn, can provide an extraordinary level of service to its clients. While real estate school will instruct you on how to get your license, Jordan Baris will teach you how to be successful.
  • Are their real estate school scholarships?
    Real estate schools in New Jersey cost as much as $450 for pre-licensing training. We have created a scholarship program for select applicants, who demonstrate a strong potential for a successful career at Jordan Baris. For those candidates chosen, our partial scholarship reduces tuition.

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  • What qualities make successful real estate agent?
    If you are entrepreneurial with a sense of commitment, enthusiasm & energy you will be very successful. If you are self-starter, goal-oriented, team player and enjoy helping others you will be successful.
  • Do you offer training?
    We offer both one-on-one individualized training as well as year round continuing weekly classroom instruction.
  • How long does it take?
    How long it takes to become successful in real estate is entirely up to your motivation and desire. On average, it takes a minimum of three months to generate income. Within your first year, a new agent's income ranges from a very modest levels to well over $100,000. We empower our agents with training and technology. Taking advantage of Jordan Baris' unsurpassed techniques will insure success in the shortest possible time.
  • What is the history of Jordan Baris, Inc. Realtors?
    Jordan Baris, inc. Realtors was founded in 1952 by Jordan Baris. With a singular goal of providing exemplary service, he built the company into a market leader in northern new jersey. Over the past 50 years, the firm has increased its scope of service and market share annually. In addition, the company and many of its associates has received awards and accolades from local, regional and national organizations.

Why should I work with Jordan Baris?

Compensation plan
Edge technology
A member of relo,
The nation's largest network of leading independent real estate firms. (They sell more homes than any national franchise.)
Marketing tools
Vertically integrated
With an affiliated title company and on-site mortgage company

Working with Jordan Baris is more than just a job. you take control of your life, your career and become a vital member of a successful team.

Does Jordan Baris concentrate on a specific category of properties?

Jordan Baris is active in residential, commercial and investment property sales and leasing. while agents specialize in a particular category, they are able to earn income providing serices in any of our market segments.

For example, a rental agent who represents a landlord, who is ready to sell his property, can participate in the listing and sale of the property. Many specialized brokers do not allow their agents to cross markets.

Where are your offices located?

The Jordan Baris' offices are prominently located in Livingston, South Orange and South Orange, NJ.

Which office will I work in?

Every agent is assigned to an office and a manager where they will have their desk, phone, voicemail and inter-office mailbox. Any Jordan Baris office is available to all associates. There is a helpful support staff in each location. All offices are equipped with conference rooms, telephones, faxes, computers, high speed internet access, copiers and other tools.

What type of clubs and special events does the company have?

The Five-Year Club recognizes members of our company who have been with Jordan Baris for over five years. We are proud that over half of the company are members.

The Jordan Baris Ambassadors Club is comprised of associates who are ambassadors of Jordan Baris goodwill and have introduced new agents to the Company.

To qualify for our "CUSTOMERS ALWAYS WRITE" club, you must receive a letter from a satisfied customer explaining the outstanding service they received from you as a member of the Jordan Baris team.

Over the course of each year there are numerous events and activities geared towards building team spirit, energy and excitement. They include unique outings such as "A Night at the Races" at Pegasus, or Dinner at 5 star restaurants such as The Manor, and an evening in a luxury sky box at the Meadowlands.

What is the key to the continuing success at Jordan Baris?

Like a chameleon, we have the ability to adapt to the changing real estate environment. We continually evaluate our business strategies as well as the services and tools we provide. This enables Jordan Baris to quickly and successfully respond to any fluctuations in the market.

How do I get started?

Meet with us for a career development discussion. In this confidential appointment, we will discuss the various opportunities at Jordan Baris.